Bons Casino Bonuses and Promo Codes

Like many other online casinos, Bons casino offers a welcome bonus, along with many other bonuses and promotions. In this short article, we will discover all of them, and the player will be able to understand if these offers fit them or not and what is best for them.

First of all, what we can say is that once we are on the Bons casino welcome page, we can open the sidebar menu and find the promotions section. By clicking on it, we can discover many types of promotions, such as the Baccarat tournament, the Live Reward with Evolution, the Blackjack Tournament, the Sports Cashback, for those who love sports, and many many others. There is even a VIP program offered by Bons Casino to its players. This works simply, as they say on the website: the more you bet, the higher the status you obtain and the more bonuses and benefits you receive.

But let us not concentrate on the VIP Loyalty Program or on any other type of offer and promotion. What matters to us is what we can call: the Bons casino welcome bonus. This type of offer is important as it is the first type we encounter on the website, the first we have an approach with.

Bons Casino welcome bonus

Bons Casino Welcome Bonus

The question now is, what is this welcome bonus they are talking about? Is it so interesting? Can it help me, or can it be ignored? Well, the answer is that it is quite attractive as a promotion. As we said, all online casinos offer bonuses, but this does not mean that they are also interesting too. This is not the case of Bons casino instead, as in this case, the casino offers a 200% welcome bonus to its new players. This can be obtained simply by signing up to the casino’s website. It is a first-time deposit bonus, which means that it will be given according to and after the first deposit on the Bons casino website. Of course, terms and conditions apply, and the player should always carefully read them. You can find them all in More info, right below the Activate button.

As we can see, the offer applies as follows: the minimum amount deposited should be of at least 20 euros. Between 20 and 49 euros, the welcome bonus will be of 200% in this case with a maximum bonus of 50 euros. The maximum withdrawal, as for the other tiers of the offer, is 10x the Bonus. The wager is 25x (Bonus + Deposit). In the second case, with a deposit between 50 and 499 euros, the welcome promotion will be of 150%, and the maximum bonus of 300 euros. The maximum bonus withdrawal and the wager are the same as for the first tier of the bonus. The third tier of the welcome bonus applies on deposits above 500 euros, without any limit. In this case, the reward will be 100% with a maximum bonus of 2,000 euros. The maximum promo withdrawal is the same as for the other two, while the wager is 30x (Bonus + Deposit). All three tiers of welcome offer have an expiry time of 720 hours. Not too much, but not even too little.

Bons Casino Bonus Codes

But what about the activation of this promo and of other types of bonuses on Bons casino? Well, unlike other online casinos, Bons casino does not have bonus codes, which means that in order to activate the different bonuses, you do not have to know or type in any kind of code. This means that for the effective activation of any kind of promotion, you just have to press the Activate button. Then, you will have a pop up window that will tell you the terms and conditions and then press Activate again. At that point, you will have another window opened, and there you will be able to select how much you want to deposit and the tier you will be offered. At that point, the activation process is started, and you just have to make your first deposit with the available payment methods.

Bons Casino bonus

Is There Such Thing as a No Deposit Bonus?

As you could easily understand, there is no such thing as a no deposit bonus on Bons casino. Indeed, there are four different types of bonuses available for the first time you sign up. The first one is the deposit we already talked about in detail, which expires after 70 days, while the other three types of bonuses will expire in a year. Thus you have quite some time in order to utilize the bonuses offered by Bons casino.

All three bonuses have a minimum requirement for the amount of money deposited, which is you have to deposit at least 20 euros. In the first case, you will obtain 200 free spins in Piggy Riches megaways for 10 days, where every spin is worth 0.1 euro. You will receive 20 free spins every day, with the minimum wagering requirement of 20x.

Then there is another offer where you obtain a free bet of 10 euros with a minimum wagering requirement of 20x, as for the first bonus. Of course, here too, terms and conditions apply, which means that you will have a single bet and cannot split it, the bet can be used to make a single bet with a multiplier of over 1.4. Moreover, the single bet has to be used within three days from the gift activation. Another important condition is that the value of the free bet utilized will not be accredited to your account. The last thing about this bonus is that it is available on slots and sportsbetting. Another interesting thing is that, by playing on sports, the value of your bet will double up, so if you bet 10 euros, you will obtain a 2x multiplier.

The last offer is a 10 euro voucher to play Live roulette, here too the wagering condition is 20.

In Сonclusion

In order to conclude, the promotions and bonuses offered by Bons casino are multiple and can satisfy the tastes of everybody. The player, anyhow, will not be disappointed and will be able to enjoy the full experience at Bons casino.

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